About Zhane Cox

Career highlights past and present

A content creator on Twitch and YouTube, Zhane Cox concentrates on gaming-related videos and video-game live streams. As the creative behind the Kamon Channel, he aims to inject a fun and humorous tone into his content and to engage in a friendly dialogue with viewers, opponents, and fellow content creators during live streams. In 2017, he launched the channel brand on Twitch with live streams of the online team-based shooter Overwatch. He began uploading on and streaming through YouTube in 2020.

Based in Paterson, New Jersey, Mr. Cox most frequently streams on Twitch, which primarily involves matches against other players of the fan-favorite Nintendo games Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokémon Sword and Shield. His game of choice is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a crossover fighting game developed by Nintendo with playable characters from various video game franchises.

Much of his other live streams involve Let’s Play, which is a video of someone playing a game while providing commentary and discussing non-gaming topics. He plays games across numerous genres, ranging from horror and mystery to action and role-playing. Past playthroughs have included popular games such as the Disney franchise Kingdom Hearts and the popular survival-horror game The Last of Us, as well as indie games. His YouTube channel also features a series called Scary Game Fridays, during which he tries a different horror game.

In addition to his casual-gaming streams, Mr. Cox has recorded his participation in online Smash Ultimate tournaments and has traveled to compete in gaming tournaments. He has often come in ninth place or ranked among the top eight, including instances where he came in first or second. Additionally, he won a medal at one of his previous tournaments. Beyond Twitch and YouTube, his online presence extends to Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. He is also particularly active on Discord.